Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alternative Dispute Resolution Tips

When you are facing a potential dispute, there are a hundred things running through your mind. How to protect yourself, what steps to take, and what you should know are just a few of the things you might be considering. You might even be prepared for a lengthy court battle just to get your point across. However, there are alternatives to spending weeks or possibly months in court. Below, you’ll get some great alternative dispute resolution tips.

Think with a Clear Head

Sometimes, it’s easy to get too close to the problem to really see how you can fix it. Take a little time out for yourself to get your head cleared and to think about a reasonable solution. For instance, if you’re being threatened with divorce, ask your spouse for some time to think. Rather than spending every minute worrying about what’s going to happen, take some time to do something that puts you at ease. This will allow you to escape the stress and frustration for a while so that when you come back to the problem, you have a clear head.


Rather than hiring one of the most savvy attorneys in your area and digging your heels in for a rough court case, consider mediation. Especially with divorces, mediation is a huge benefit and a wonderful alternative to court. Not only can you spare yourself and your family the trauma and emotions of a nasty court battle, but you have the potential to save yourself a lot of money. In addition, you and the other party get to come to agreements that make both of you happy instead of relying on a judge you don’t know to make huge decisions about your life.

Mediation can be very beneficial, and since the atmosphere is usually much calmer than a court case, you won’t go through all the stress and trauma. In addition, mediators are trained to diffuse situations so that you and the other party can think clearly and come to reasonable compromises. You should know that attorneys aren’t necessarily required with mediation. Although many people decide to retain their personal attorneys, you can actually use mediation to keep from having to hire an attorney.

Talk to the Other Party

After things have cooled off, spend some time trying to talk to the other party. No matter what the dispute is about, you should be able to look at it from their point of view. They should try to do the same, ideally. This can give you both the opportunity to come up with compromises that benefit you both – and can often prevent the need for a lengthy battle in the courtroom.

Disputes happen all over the place, and very often. However, if you spend some time really thinking about alternatives, the chances are that you can both walk away unharmed and without hard feelings. Considering the options above can allow you to do this and still be satisfied with the outcome of the dispute.

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